Littel Miss Sophia
When everything comes together. Smiles!
Portraits of children can be challenging but I've always loved them and enjoyed taking them. So very lucky to have the most adorable model on a great day.
What was going to be a 'pick out clothes day' turned out to be the portrait day so we got to do it all together which was lovely.
Over the course of 2-2.5 hours we went through clothes and sandals and hair ties and we had tea with a giant frog and a fluffy gorilla. Javier the cat just had to have his picture taken as well and although he wasnt the best model we did manage to grab a shot (whew!). Mom put lovely flowers into Miss Sophias hair for a lovely tropical feel.  We found the best teddy bear and fun flowing dress and went to the park with bubbles and silly string. 
My favorite photo is of DETERMINATION of Miss Sophia and the silly string. But thats because it makes me laugh. I love all the rest because she is so lovely and fun and has the best smile.
Big thanks to her Mom for making bubbles last minute and then geting the silly string to flow freely (as well as so many other little things to make the time perfect!)
In the end Sophia put on her favorite play outfit and did what kids do best smile and play :)
I hope you enjoy my take on childrens portraits. Ive always tried to get them in their own space or favorite fun place and I tend to take it more editorially than most childrens portraits sessions. I'll say thats a wedding photographer influence...always looking to the end..telling the story..writing the book with my thousands of words.
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