Lovers Key State Park/Recreation Area, Florida

Part of my refreshing journey to the Islands recently. I have to give a really big shout out to this Park/Beach. I hadn't seen any pictures on line of the trolley ride so, this has a few of those. The trolley rides about every 15 minutes-1/2 hour. Its approx a half mile out to the beach. Once you get there you find the water so very close, a lovely pavilion, clean and lovely rest rooms, a grill & snack bar. There are some nice shells to pick up here and soft white sands. The walk into the water isn't completely filled with shells so, its comfortable and easy to get in and out of. This is the Gulf of Mexico so, the water is warm and the waves are minimal. Lovely place to find quiet, peaceful and enjoyable beach time.

I found that Covid-19 had made the Islands and Beaches less populated. The Social Distancing was being practiced everywhere and any essential workers were always masked and busy cleaning. I decided to airbnb a small house so that I could keep distance even with lodging. 

Stay Safe!

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