Mid Florida Adventure

Finally took a day to see a bit of mid-florida. More of a drive through than anything else but certainly fun and entertaining adventure day.

It's just past gator mating season so what I thought would be just a light stroll into the short boardwalk trails turned pretty interesting. I now know I have spent enough time here to be a bit safer on the trails. I heard bleeting and immediately looked for momma gator. She was pretty well hidden in the water but on my return she was right up to the boardwalk. That was about the time I decided enough gator time in the wild!! Haha. I already had a gator come at the car (I'm sure just trying to cross the road) and another swimming around the boardwalk trail that was a bit too smallish for that sort of activity for me. Especially swimming underneath what were just some boards. 

Boy, I sure know how to try to get outside a bit! Some lovely bits of nature blooming and growing though. The day ended with a winery and distillery so, it couldnt have been all that bad :)

I hope you enjoy.
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