A recent afternoon spent at Myakka State Park brought quite a few suprises I was completely unexpecting.  I was searching out spring flowers and hoping to capture the birds and gators and maybe a decent sunset. I was nicely surprised to have a deer cross my path and not run too far into the woods so I was able to capture it in the tall grass with the Spanish Moss hanging down from the trees and I thought that was just lovely. When the moment had passed and I stepped aside to look at some blooming Prarie Iris I looked past the moss strewn trees to an open field and marsh area only to see deer and a lovely and energetic fawn running about. This was probably 2 in the afternoon. So, forgive me my friends for the handheld 300mm at highnoon but, I certainly just had to capture it! I also then had to play with it and see what color shifts I would like as well. I hope you enjoy something here. At the end I went back at sunset and captured a few more deer but alas, the fawn was not there.
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