ITS THE BEACH!! No way!!

Kidding folks.

It is the beach. There is an OMG moment though. I'll start with that one and then give you some really pretty vistas and lovely birds and sunsets to make it all right. Only fair.

Here's the story.

I head out to the beach to kill some time and capture and relax for a bit after some long days. It's still pretty quiet and not crowded and the rains have left the sand packed nicely. There was a storm coming in so I thought maybe it would coincide with sunset (It didn't. But it lit up from the sunset anyway and the moon was there so that's nice)

Okay. So. The birds are all doing there thing and I'm trying to get some interesting shots. I notice one seagull doing quite a bit of squawking. Seems odd really since he's got some food, he's alone and he's making it about okay. I watch him. I get closer. He's playing with his food. He's throwing it down and picking it up again. Seems he's having trouble eating.
Okay. Ill get in closer and check it out.

I will give you this one shot of the seagull and his meal.

I was disturbed but such is life.
Its a turtle hatchling. OMG.

Now...pretty stuff :) Enjoy!

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