Perico Preserve
Bradenton, Florida
Just recently opened and I thought it a fine idea to go check it out. Claimed to be a birders paradise, they were right. Nice variety and some lovely spaces. I did the whole loop, bridges, etc late afternoon. I would suggest early morning or later afternoon until it grows in further. Still some great vistas and wonderful sights. Odd to find a really great deal of dead and empty horseshoe crabs. Either they're a staple of the larger birds or theres a racoon problem mybe? Not sure really but enough to strike me as really odd. The nearby housing was far enough away but once the growth comes in I think itll be better. If your looking to capture a variety of birds though, it seemed to work. (Im adding another gallery "Wings" that shows a great deal more of them). I did meet some others on the way: runners, bikers, families. So its a nice place to go and get back in touch with nature, get some fresh air and excersize :)
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