Waves come in many shapes and forms. Here on the Gulf Coast they are typically more of a splash than the waves most are used to. With that in mind I decided to capture the waves that were apparent one day into evening. There have been quite a few things I have wanted to try with regard to waves and photographing them recently. I haven't done any type of "wave study" and "photographic exploration" in too much of a serious manner since...many moons ago anyway ;) so I hope you enjoy the various prisms of my photographic mind!
Step onto the beach. Feel the sand. Let the waves wash over you.
Gaze out from the shore and behold the strength and beauty
Step in close and look into the wave watching for it to crest
When you are in close to a wave you can see many things in and above the water
If you find yourself a comfortable rock you too can find a way to capture the details and movement all in one frame
Water is such a life force and has so many details if you just look close enough
An almost dry patch to sense the sun begin to drift below the horizon is great to feel the rolling waves
What is it with the water as it pushes and pulls against itself with patterns never to be seen again
Balanced upon my knee as a tripod I found detail and movement and strength that my words certainly cant explain. It was wonderful.
Really wonderful. yep, this one too got me up to the knee. Left its mark but I captured it as well. All is fair :)
Have you ever changed your perspective and looked deep into the ocean, looked into the depths leaving the sky behind
The remaining fallout upon the shore is an undulating rhythm of quieting calm
(notice in the background the wood stakes and tape. Many along the shore now. Turtle nests)
One of my favorite things about waves is the light. It used to be the crest, the splash, the drops illuminated and dramatic. Nowadays the light I see more is inside the wave. That part where you see color and light and it brings along with it treasures from the sea in so many forms. Ill call it the upsweep of treasures.
There are times to me that waves are like snowflakes with no two ever the same. The form and function in the same arena but the follow through is a gift to behold
I was so focused on the detail of the waves I missed getting some great shots of this dolphin swimming in them. I watched him/her though once I got up to the right level and this is the one shot I got. I love how it seems so ominous and its just the cutest dolphin....I think ;) 

I hope you enjoyed the journey with me!
Let me know what you think of the waves, I'd love to hear.

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